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1. RightWriter

RightWriter is a grammar analysis tool that can fix your writing problems instantly and make your writing look more intelligent, polished and professional. RightWriter analyzes your writing as a whole and finds not only grammatical errors, but it warns you when it finds weak writing styles. It points out areas where you can improve your writing for a better, easier to understand, and more meaningful result.

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2. Speed Reader-X

The Speed Reader-X system will change the way you read forever. You will soon find that speed reading techniques are easier than regular slow reading. Speed-Reading is not "pushing harder". Anyone can push harder and read faster but this only works for a short period of time. The techniques this system teaches you will change how you read and make reading magazines and books as easy as watching a movie.

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3. Get Applause Now

In "Get Applause Now!", Public Speaking World Champion, Darren LaCroix shares his insightful secrets to help you become a better speaker. You will be exposed to techniques that allow you to remain calm and relaxed like never before. Imagine the freedom of becoming an effective, confident communicator in the shortest possible time.

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4. HypnoBusters

Hypnotherapy is a unique medicinal aid in that it can be used to help a variety of problems, whether physical, psychological or emotional. With our growing range of hypnosis MP3's HypnoBusters is definitely the place to come to for highly effective, affordable hypnosis.

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